Peripherals for digital printing

Digital printing has already put a foot in the field of corrugated cardboard and is destined to revolutionize our industry. Although there are still many technological challenges to overcome, digital printer manufacturers focus their efforts on printing equipment better, faster and more reliable. However, perhaps we are facing a major challenge; Adapt the way of thinking, organization of work and workflows to new technologies.

An important element in these new needs will be to handle cardboard before and after digital printing. If the newly arrived technology is meant to make a dent, it will have to improve in terms of speed, because at present, it is considerably slower than flexographic printing. "Digital printers are not accustomed to these speeds." High-speed cardboard handling means; Introduction, turning, varnishing, etc. It is necessary to be automated and integrated into the production flow. Therefore, we can say that in the corrugated cardboard sector; The customer does not need a digital printer, an integrated digital print line is required.

De Serra we have put all our experience to the service of the adaptation of the traditional peripheral corrugated cardboard sector to the new digital needs. We have developed the first line of peripherals for digital printing, with a modular, compact design and can work with any market of digital single-step printers. We have also patented a system that allows all peripherals to work simultaneously with two plates side by side, allowing maximum use of printer width and significantly increase productivity.

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