We manufacture machinery for the corrugated board industry. But with a new personalized approach to coaching and continuous accompaniment to discover the best solution in each moment. For this it is essential a relaxed and trustful atmosphere, with us, you will feel at home. With all the necessary information, our team gets to work. You will get results that will surely surprise you. In conclusion, we love what we do because we know that brings greater welfare and quality of work to your production team. As well as increased productivity and efficiency equally valued by the management team.





Talleres SERRA is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience in the sector of machinery for corrugated board. SERRA designs and manufactures machinery for corrugated cardboard manufacturing companies as well as other well-positioned machinery manufacturers in the sector.

Our passion is the technological challenges that make this planet a better, more ecological and sustainable.


First of all we are manufacturers of machinery for corrugated board. For more than 30 years of experience in the converting sector. Located in Barcelona and family company of third generation. Fans of technological innovation in the sector. For this reason, explorers of new technologies applicable to the industry of the machinery for the corrugated cardboard. In addition inventors of specific solutions.


We make our customers happy as a result of designing and manufacturing corrugated cardboard machinery. We find solutions for specific cases. In adapting our technology to intelligent situations presented by our customers. We create better-finished product quality. We optimize resources to increase plant efficiency. As a result, we have perfected internal logistics.


We offer machinery for corrugated cardboard. Technological solutions to specific problems. We organize the internal logistics of your company. We optimize the space of your plant. We offer quality and robustness in our machines. Adaptability to your existing lines. Re-engineering to improve quality and productivity. Love to everything we do. Energy-efficient technology with respect for the environment.

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