Quality in the new range of Serra products

Serra has developed high quality services. Everything you need to keep your equipment in the best condition to maintain optimum production levels. So today’s packaging manufacturers require much more from suppliers. With increasing pressure to maximize the investment they have made in equipment and systems. Now expect services from suppliers of supply level agreements, updates […]


Nuevo ROBOT PRE-FEEDER para mejorar la eficacia en impresión digital

El fabricante de maquinaria para cartón ondulado SERRA continúa innovando presentando la evolución del módulo pre-introductor (prefeeder), en digital printing para líneas single pass en cartón ondulado. En 2016, SERRA Ind, incorporó un introductor mecánico PREFEEDER con volteo automático que ha evolucionado rápidamente hasta el actual ROBOT PRE-FEEDER que cuenta con diversas ventajas con respecto […]


How to choose modules for your digital printer

Ramón Serra: “Cardboard must be handled carefully throughout the entire printing process to keep all of its qualities intact”. In an increasingly ever-changing world, customer demands and needs mean implementing the latest technological innovations in order to offer a service that meets customer expectations. Viewed in these terms, SERRA INDUSTRIES, a company that has been dedicated […]

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