Fast and High-Quality Digital Print Feeder

Want to maximize the output capacity and print quality of your digital printer?

SERRAFEED is an automatic feeder designed to resolve the problems that often occur during digital printing of corrugated board. It doubles productivity while eliminating the causes of common printing errors.


SERRAFEED is an automatic corrugated board, box and compact cardboard feeder that works with all digital printers on the market. Its continuous-feed design eliminates the vacuum effect between boards that often causes agitation. It also maintains uniform velocity, so your deliverables are of a consistently high quality. And SERRAFEED doubles –even triples –your productivity by allowing you to feed twice as many boards, with only .5 mm between them.

What will SERRAFEED do for your company?

  • Boost Productivity. Most digital print feeders limit jobs to a single sheet at a time, but the SERRAFEED multi-sheet feeder lets you introduce twice as many boards laterally so you get double the work done in even less time.
  • Increase Profit. SERRAFEED’s continuous-feed design stacks boards close together – with only .5 mm between one job and the next – which maximizes production output and profit.
  • Protect Existing Investments. SERRAPID is the only continuous feeder that works with all digital printers on the market.
  • Improve Quality. SERRAFEED features digital printing for highest quality deliverables. It’s continuous feed design eliminates agitation and vacuum-effect errors so you produce more high-quality products.

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