Weightless Die Manipulation

Take the risk and effort out of die changing while increasing workforce productivity.

Die changing is rigorous work. Repeated lifting of heavy pieces of wood with sharp edges is both tiring and dangerous.

SERRARM can lift loads of up to 50 kg (110 lb) and can be installed on your existing machine. It makes the work of 2-3 employees doable by one.

The SERRARM  system also reduces risk of onsite accidents and creates a safer and more ergonomic work environment.

What is SERRARM?

SERRARM  is a die handling system that makes manipulation and changing of dies safe, easy and effortless. If you have a SERRAPID cylinder, you can have SERRAPID’s control buttons installed directly in SERRARM’s handles.

How does it work?

Dies are attached to SERRARM’s handles via metal plates that secure them in place during die change. The system can rotate the dies in the air. The SERRARM cables adapt to the handle height.

What will SERRARM do for your company?

  • Speed Productivity. SERRARM makes dies weighless so they can be easily changed and manipulated by a single pair of hands.
  • Reduce Costs. SERRARM lightens your workload and reduces labor needs.
  • Increase Onsite Safety. The SERRARM fastening system locks dies securely in place, reducing risk of accident or overexertion.
  • Strengthen Your Workforce. SERRARM makes even the largest dies easily changeable by anyone on your workforce.


  • Force exerted by each arrow:

490,5 N
  • Operated by
1 person
  • Die cutter type
Flat and Rotary
  • Possible length
2000 mm – 5000 mm
  • Return on investment
6-12 months
  • Installation
2 days
  • Includes
  • 2  Handles
  • 12 Metal plates
  • Metal structure
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Manual


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