Want to boost production and quality with a highly-innovative product that pays for itself in less than a year?

SERRAPID is a quick die change cylinder that fits right into your existing machinery and workflow. We built it to help all kinds of companies speed up production while increasing safety and quality.  


SERRAPID is the most advanced quick-change rotary die cutting cylinder on the market. It dramatically increases production output of die cutting machines and always produces high-quality cuts.

How does it work?

SERRAPID sends its fastening pegs out into keyholes in the die. The die then slides to expel air for a secure fit, and SERRAPID’s durable springs hold the die in place with a uniform force of 1000 N (220 lbs). SERRAPID’s unique fastening system creates even pressure on all parts of the die, and forms a smooth outer surface that prevents wear and tear on machine parts.

Additional information

Additional information

Boost Productivity

SERRAPID reduces total setup time by 5 to 15 minutes and dramatically increases production levels.

Reduce Costs

SERRAPID lightens your workload and reduces labor needs. It costs the same as traditional dies since it extends the life of dies and machine parts, and requires very little maintenance.

Protect Your Existing Investments

SERRAPID is Installable on all rotary die cutters on the market, and can even make dies of different RDC brands interchangeable.

Improve Quality

Because it is designed to create such a smooth seal with dies, SERRAPID eliminates inconsistencies in the quality of deliverables.

Get Teams Trained Fast

Onsite safety and product training at the time of installation prepare your team to work with SERRAPID efficiently from day one.

Increase Onsite Safety

Ergonomic two-handle design and safety plates allow for secure two-handed operation.

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