Quality Assurance + Die Protection

Want a quality assurance system that also extends the life of your dies?

SERRANVIL is an innovative quality assurance system that simultaneously improves the quality of your deliverables and protects your dies from stress caused by heavy use.


SERRANVIL is a dual-purpose quality assurance system that maintains a uniform anvil cover surface for higher-quality die cutting, and also to increase the life of your dies. With SERRANVIL, there is no need for trimming or grinding of the anvil to maintain a smooth cutting surface.

How does it work?

The SERRANVIL system spreads wear more evenly across the surface of the anvil through lateral movement of the anvil along the rotary die cutter. Most anvils have a lateral movement of 4”– SERRANVIL’s range is a full 12”. This means that rotary die knife wear is more uniform, so the lifespan of your anvil covers can easily double.

Anvil covers are secured to the anvil quickly and easily with no additional mounting or rotating tools required. A single operator can rotate the covers for the next production run in as little as three minutes. SERRANVIL’s ring and cover can be fixed in position or set to spin freely.

What will SERRANVIL do for your company?

  • Improve Quality. SERRANVIL eliminates poor quality cuts and creases, marks on the board, or paper tears that result from an uneven anvil surface.
  • Reduce Costs. SERRANVIL eliminates the need for grinding machines and also increases the lifespan of your anvil covers and dies.
  • Speed Productivity. SERRANVIL’s pneumatic drill system and quick-release clamping mechanism lets you maintain high production levels with much less effort. It also eliminates the need for repeated grinding so your workflow is more seamless.
  • Protect Your Investments. The SERRANVIL system can more than double the life of your machine parts by eliminating the wear and tear that makes anvil trimming necessary.
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