Fast, Error-Free Integration with SERRAPID

The SERRAJIG die converter gets your machines up and running with the SERRAPID cylinder in a matter of hours.

SERRAJIG adapts your existing dies to fit the SERRAPID cylinder with zero conversion error in the process – regardless of manufacturer.

Contact your local dealer to find out about our onsite conversion service.


SERRAJIG is an adapter that allows you to quickly integrate your existing dies with the SERRAPID quick-change rotary die cutting cylinder. It eliminates all errors from the conversion process and works with all brands of machines.

How does it work?

Dies are placed on SERRAJIG and referenced for a seamless fit. Keyholes are drilled in the exact positions necessary, per SERRAJIG’s error-free calculations. The jig can be adapted to fit varying diameters.

What will SERRAJIG do for your company?

  • Increase Productivity. SERRAJIG gets all your dies working with the SERRAPID cylinder in a matter of hours.
  • Eliminate Installation Errors. SERRAJIG’s precision drilling eliminates error from the SERRAPID conversion process.
  • Protect Your Existing Investments. SERRAJIG enables seamless integration of the SERRAPID cylinder with all your dies – regardless of machine manufacturer.

Train Your Teams Fast. We handle the entire conversion installation and give your teams product and safety training onsite.

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