Operator Assisted: An operator controls the motorized system from the base of the trans-elevator to effortlessly move dies from shelf to trans-elevator and to transport trolley and back.

Digital Operation: This is an industry game-changer for companies that want computerized operation of storage and retrieval with no physical labour. Die codes are named and the system recognizes them and automatically moves them from shelf to trans-elevator and to the transport trolley and back.

Maximized Storage Capacity

SERRASTOCK HC increases your onsite die storage capacity regardless of die shape or size.

Increases productivity

SERRASTOCK HC speeds the process of die changing and retrieval so the operators get more done in less time.

Reduces Costs

SERRASTOCK HC lightens your workload and reduces labour needs.

Protects your goods

The hanging system allows gravity to protect flat dies from deformation and preserves die blades and rotary die curvature, as there is no impact with trays.

Increases operator’s safety

Automated movement of dies eliminates risk of operator’s accidents and overexertion.


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