Automatic Storage + Retrieval System

Ever wish your storage space could grow to fit an ever-expanding collection of dies – and also retrieve them rapidly with no manual effort?

SERRASTOCK HC’s innovative shelving system perfectly stacks both flat and rotary dies of any dimension so that they fit carefully together in the least amount of space.

The system can either be operator-run or fully digitalized.


SERRASTOCK HC is an efficient automatic hanging storage system that multiplies your storage capacity so it can accommodate an ever-increasing number of dies. Its sturdy dual-purpose hook retrieves both flat and rotary dies quickly and easily, with zero manual effort.


Operator Assisted. An operator controls the motorized system from the base of the trans-elevator to effortlessly move dies from shelf to trans-elevator to transport trolley and back.

Digital Operation. This is an industry game-changer for companies that want computerized operation of storage and retrieval with no physical labor. Die codes are called out and the system recognizes them and automatically moves them from shelf to trans-elevator to transport trolley and back.

What will SERRASTOCK HC do for your company?

  • Maximize Storage Capacity. SERRASTOCK HC increases your onsite die storage capacity regardless of die shape or size.
  • Boost Productivity. SERRASTOCK HC speeds the process of die changing and retrieval so your teams get more done in less time.
  • Reduce Costs. SERRASTOCK HC lightens your workload and reduces labor needs.
  • Protect Your Assets. The hanging system allows gravity to protect flat dies from deformation and also preserves die blades and rotary die curvature, since there is no impact with drawers.
  • Increase Onsite Safety. Automated movement of dies eliminates risk of accidents and overexertion.
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