SERRASTOCK LC is a vertical die storage system that multiplies your die storage capacity and gives you equal access to any of your dies at any time. The system can be run manually or semi-automated for more effortless die retrieval.
Almacén de Troqueles SERRASTOCK LC
SERRASTOCK LC Sistema compacto de almacenamiento de troqueles
Almacén de Troqueles automático SERRASTOCK LC
Disposición vertical troqueles SERRASTOCK LC
Maximize Storage Capacity

SERRASTOCK LC’s stacking design allows you to more than triple your onsite die storage capacity.

Improve the Access to Dies

The sliding support system allows for easy and convenient access to any die in minutes, regardless of storage position.

Increase Productivity

SERRASTOCK LC improves workflow efficiency by allowing for better organization and access. When semi-automated with SERRARM production gets an additional boost.

Protects your Goods

A fire detection and sprinkler system can be installed with SERRASTOCK LC for factory safety.


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