SERRA has developed a full range of high end services for you. All you need to keep your team in the best conditions to maintain optimum levels of production, expand the capacity of your team and increase your technological and industrial experience.

Current packaging manufacturers require much more service operations from their suppliers simply parts and availability of technical guards.

With increasing pressure to maximize the investment they have made in equipment and systems, they now expect vendors to offer level agreement services, machine upgrades, remote monitoring and depth monitoring services, training courses and experience for Improve the production process. That has been the first, following its desire to become the reference in services in the packaging industry

Basic services

  1. Remote Services

    Telephone support: Take advantage of the experience of SERRA technicians, by telephone from anywhere in the world. Our experts answer, locate and solve problems and identify the necessary spare parts.
    Online help: Always with your permission, our technicians work remotely on the computer directly through the Internet. This reduces support costs without calling a SERRA service engineer up to 80%.

  2. Spare parts and consumables

    SERRA undertakes to supply the best of spare parts and materials and deliver them as soon as possible. In the case of “Original SERRA” (produced by SERRA) or “SERRA certified” (produced by others, but under the control and approval of the Serra), these spare parts and materials fully comply with all strict quality criteria SERRA . Also, they are the only ones that allow you to guarantee optimum performance of the equipment.

  3. Technical services

    All experts are at your service throughout the SERRA world. They get in touch when you need them. Our engineers and technicians cover all fields of activity, contributing their knowledge and experience in SERRA equipment. We also maintain our up-to-date database machines to ensure rapid diagnosis and intervention. So you benefit from personalized advice and tailored specifically to your team.

  4. Tools

    An exceptional team deserves exceptional tools. Whether for preparation, repair or service, SERRA offers a range of tools specifically tailored to your machines. With timely delivery, all our tools meet the same quality and reliability requirements on which our reputation is based.

Maintenance Solutions

  1. Training

    Its competitiveness is in the hands of its employees. In developing your knowledge, skills and experience, you better understand how your equipment works and you can use them to their full potential. Therefore, SERRA organizes training courses. SERRA imparted by our authorised experts or directly to you production centre, will help you to obtain the maximum yield of your equipment of production.

  2. Technical Coaching

    During these sessions, SERRA observed each of these three elements separately to understand where the potential for improvement is. Here are optimized through custom actions: What does the operator need to learn? What changes are needed in terms of processes? How to adjust the machine? And, of course, what is required to ensure that these three elements are developed in-line with each other and ensure maximum efficiency?

    These training sessions are directly dependent on the skills of their employees, their processes and the machine used. Therefore, custom design, from the definition of your needs to the final evaluation report itself.

  3. Optimization of production processes

    Because of our extensive experience, our experts are best suited to help improve the performance of your machines by optimizing flows and integrating with management information systems. Regardless of the number and brand of your machines, we will strengthen all aspects of production.

Expert Solutions

  1. Maintenance

    With the passage of time and successive production cycles, even the best machine in the world can experience a loss of performance. SERRA we can predict the useful life of the machine according to its field of activity and production environment. In this way we can know the best solutions to help maintain optimum productivity

  2. Optimization of settings

    Further optimisation of the efficiency of your machines by updating their original configuration. Our technicians regularly visit their facilities to make the necessary measurements and configure their machines with ideal tolerances. As a result, the machines remain perfectly adjusted and configured to meet their production deadlines with maximum efficiency.

Productivity Solutions

  1. Performance

    Exceptional services to guarantee a production that exactly meets the requirements defined by you.

    How about not buying equipment, but certainties? The certainty of its ability to function, the certainty of the quality and the reliability of its productivity. Or all three things at once. Their SERRA brands their needs and guarantee results, managing the resources necessary for them to achieve them. One or several machines? What maintenance contract updates or what? Concerns are over.

    Productivity solutions are the future of the industry, but only companies that offer an exceptional level of service will be able to offer them. SERRA is currently working on the process of implementing high performance solutions and offering them hope very soon.

Parts Order

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