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In the corrugated board industry, the need for efficient material handling systems is crucial for maintaining productivity and reducing costs. One such solution is the Ultimate LGV Mobile Robot Conveyor, which utilizes laser guidance technology and sensors to transport stacks of corrugated board within a warehouse or manufacturing facility. This automated system offers numerous benefits for manufacturers looking to streamline their operations.


SERRA's Ultimate LGV Mobile Robot Conveyor is a cutting-edge solution for corrugated board handling automation. Its advanced laser guidance technology, mobile robot design, and digital efficiency offer numerous benefits for manufacturers, including increased productivity, cost savings, and reduced risk of damage or waste. By implementing the LGV conveyor system, manufacturers can streamline their operations and achieve greater success in their industry.

High productivity

  • LGV conveyor system can handle heavy loads, reducing manual labor and improving production efficiency.
  • Precise laser guidance technology ensures consistent and accurate movement of corrugated board stacks.
  • LGV conveyor can be configured to transport stacks between different stages of the production process, speeding up overall workflow.

Unique technology made affordable

  • LGV conveyor offers various unique technical features, ensuring easy job setting and remarkable product quality.
  • The use of laser guidance technology and sensors makes the system more reliable and efficient than traditional conveyors or forklifts.
  • The affordable price point of the LGV conveyor makes it a cost-effective solution for manufacturers.

Fast and flexible

  • The LGV conveyor system can be synchronized with shipping areas for both long and short runs, allowing for fast and efficient transportation of corrugated board.
  • The mobile robot design allows for flexibility in routing and transport of material within the warehouse or manufacturing facility.
  • LGV conveyor can replace traditional conveyors or forklifts, providing a faster and more efficient solution.

Digital efficiency

  • The LGV conveyor system offers automatic and consistent data capture, providing data-driven insights into production and logistics.
  • Digital workflows optimize manual processes, further improving productivity and reducing costs.
  • Shareable insights from the data captured by the LGV conveyor system can improve communication and collaboration among team members.

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