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Intelligent Video Management System (IVMS)



Automatic continuous survaillance of the safety rules around forklifts

Safety is a top priority in any factory or industrial setting. With the rise of technology, it's become easier to monitor and improve safety standards. One such technology is the Intelligent Video Management System (IVMS) offered by SERRAVISION. This system provides automatic continuous surveillance of safety rules around forklifts and other machinery, allowing factory owners to increase safety levels in their facilities. I


SERRA's SERRAVISION IVMS is an effective solution for improving factory safety. With automatic continuous surveillance, detailed safety reports, definition of spaces, and integration with field devices, factory owners can increase safety levels in their facilities and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. By using this intelligent video management system, factory owners can make data-driven decisions to continuously improve safety standards and ensure the well-being of their employees.

Automatic Continuous Surveillance

  • IVMS allows for automatic continuous surveillance of safety rules around forklifts and other machinery.
  • Simple video surveillance cameras can be used to monitor distances between people and machinery and control exclusive access areas.
  • This ensures that safety standards are being followed at all times, even when human monitoring may not be possible.

Detailed Safety Reports

  • IVMS provides detailed records of safety Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as the number of dangerous events or automatic severity calculations between personnel and machinery.
  • These reports can be used to identify areas for improvement and track progress over time.
  • This allows factory owners to make data-driven decisions to improve safety standards in their facilities.

Definition of Spaces

  • With IVMS, the warehouse area can be zoned with different access possibilities, such as exclusive machinery, exclusive people, shared, or shared exclusive.
  • This allows for better control of who has access to different areas and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries.
  • By defining these spaces, safety standards can be more easily maintained and enforced.

Integration with Field Devices

  • IVMS integrates with various types of field devices, such as relays, field buses, and IP messaging.
  • The alarm management module can interact with these devices to provide alerts when safety standards are not being met.
  • All data is available from the operation console, making it easy for factory owners to monitor and improve safety standards in their facilities.