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Freeing Your Boxes: Let Scraps Soar with Scrapfree


Revolutionizing Die Cutting Efficiency: The Success Story of Scrapfree


In the bustling world of corrugated board production, efficiency is not just a desire, it's a necessity. That's why when a prominent client from a leading group in the USA faced persistent challenges with their existing stripping die cutting cylinder system, they turned to SERRA with a plea for innovation. Enter Scrapfree – a game-changing solution that has revolutionized their operations, delivering unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Before Scrapfree, the client encountered numerous hurdles with their previous system. Excessive maintenance and soaring costs associated with plastic pins were eating away at their bottom line. But with the introduction of Scrapfree, a myriad of improvements swept in, transforming their operations into a well-oiled machine.


Here's how Scrapfree changed the game:


Enhanced Mechanical Components:

  • Enhanced Load Capacity: The Scrapfree Left General Bearing features a 40% increase in load capacity, manufactured in-house for seamless integration into existing machinery, reducing vibrations and enhancing overall stability.
  • Robust Interior Eccentric Joint: Scrapfree introduces a robust interior eccentric joint, addressing the most sensitive component of the system and ensuring long-term durability.
  • Sturdy Interior Eccentric Shaft: Upgrading from a ø30 to a ø65 shaft, Scrapfree's interior eccentric shaft boasts increased robustness, complemented by larger, sturdier bearings for enhanced performance.
  • Double Bearings on Tubes and Interior Shafts: Reinforced with double bearings, Scrapfree enhances stability and precision in operation, prolonging the lifespan of critical components.

Compact Design and Ease of Maintenance:

  • Compact Design: Scrapfree's more compact design reduces the overall length of the system, featuring shorter and sturdier shafts, eliminating the need for TOLLOCK unions and optimizing space utilization.
  • Easy Gear Adjustment System: Scrapfree simplifies gear adjustment, ensuring seamless operation, and facilitating easy disengagement for system maintenance and manipulation.
  • Effortless Assembly and Disassembly: With Scrapfree's modular design, assembly and disassembly become more straightforward, reducing downtime by half and minimizing maintenance efforts.

Safety and Operational Efficiency:

  • Torque Limiter with Operator Alert System: Scrapfree incorporates a torque limiter with an operator alert system, protecting the pneumatic cylinder and prompting machine stoppage for immediate cleaning of interior broken pins.
  • Pneumatic Cylinder with Damping: Equipped with a damping system, Scrapfree's pneumatic cylinder prevents final jolts, safeguarding gears from impact damage and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Sensor and Visual Recognition Systems:  Scrapfree utilizes both sensor and visual recognition systems to ensure precise stripping positioning, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy.
  • Intuitive Gear Engagement and Disengagement System: Scrapfree's intuitive gear system simplifies operation, automatically re-engaging the torque limiter after a full rotation, enhancing overall safety and ease of use.

Additional Features for Enhanced Functionality:

  • Pin Removal Registers on Die Cylinder: Scrapfree facilitates effortless extraction of broken pins using air assistance, enhancing maintenance efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of the die cylinder.
  • Chamber Supply and Inspection: Offering chamber supply and inspection, Scrapfree ensures seamless operation of the new interior joint, further enhancing functionality and reliability.
  • Supply of Gauges, Pins, and Quick Guides: Scrapfree includes the provision of essential accessories for streamlined die production, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency.
  • Marked Cylindrical and Eccentric Parts: Clearly marked parts on Scrapfree facilitate easy assembly and disassembly, even after maintenance or repair, reducing errors and downtime.

With these improvements grouped for clarity, it's evident how Scrapfree has transformed the corrugated board industry, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and ease of use.