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How not to organize dies - SERRASTOCK

How not to organize dies:

Storing Dies on the Floor: 

One common mistake in die storage is to store dies on the floor, which can damage them, make them harder to access and may cause tripping hazards.

Using Inefficient Storage Systems: 

Using a storage system that is not designed for dies, such as a standard shelving unit, can make it hard to access dies and may lead to damage during storage and retrieval.

Lack of Organization: 

Without a clear organization system, it can be difficult to locate specific dies, leading to wasted time and reduced productivity.

How to organize dies with Fully Automatic Cutting Die & Stereo Storage:

Invest in specialized storage solutions: 

A fully automatic cutting die and stereo storage solution such as Serrastock is designed to store rotary dies, flat dies, and stereos. The specialized racks and shelving systems can prevent damage and make it easy to access the dies.

Use a labeling system: 

Each die should be clearly labeled with relevant information, such as its job name, job number, or customer name, to make it easy to find and track.

Prioritize organization: 

By organizing dies based on job number, customer name, or other relevant criteria, it will be easier to locate the specific die needed when it is needed.

Regular maintenance: 

Ensure that the dies are checked and maintained regularly to prevent damage and ensure they are always in good condition.

Implement a tracking system: 

Use a system that tracks each die's location, usage, and maintenance history to ensure that all dies are accounted for, and are always ready for use.

By organizing dies with a fully automatic cutting die and stereo storage solution, investing in specialized storage solutions, using a labeling system, prioritizing organization, regular maintenance, and implementing a tracking system, it is easier to maintain an efficient and productive die storage system.