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Using time saving die mounting equipment for your flexo -SERRAPID

SERRAPID is an advanced quick-change rotary die cutting cylinder that dramatically increases production output, reduces set-up times and improves efficiency. With its remarkable level of automation and high-speed performance, SERRAPID is a valuable tool for flexo printing companies looking to streamline their die-cutting processes.

Some of the key benefits of using SERRAPID include:

Faster Die Changes: 

SERRAPID can speed up rotary die mounting to as little as 30 seconds per shell, which helps to reduce set-up times and increase productivity.

High-Speed Performance: 

SERRAPID's high-speed performance means that it can handle even the most demanding die-cutting tasks, delivering reliable and consistent results.

Remarkable Level of Automation: 

SERRAPID is highly automated, which makes it easier and more efficient to use. It can also help to reduce the risk of errors and increase operator safety.

High Productivity: 

SERRAPID is designed to maximize productivity, making it an ideal choice for companies that need to process high volumes of material quickly.

Excellent Die-Cutting Quality: 

With SERRAPID, you can be confident that your die-cutting results will be of the highest quality, with clean, precise cuts every time.

Operator-Friendly, Efficient, Versatile: 

SERRAPID is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, with a range of features that help to improve efficiency and versatility.

Durable Technology: 

SERRAPID is built to last, with world-leading technology that is based on knowledge and experience. It requires minimal maintenance, which helps to keep costs down and reduce downtime.

Overall, SERRAPID is an excellent choice for flexo printing companies that are looking to improve their die-cutting processes and increase efficiency. With its fast set-up times, high-speed performance, and excellent cutting quality, SERRAPID can help to boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.